MMC/Off-Site Construction Consultants, LGS Frame Design Specialist, Construction & Project Managers, NHBC Stage 2 LGS Certifier

PJMastery Group

Courtesy - Vision Built

PJMastery Group Consulting Engineers (PJMGCE) is a multi-discipline private consulting firm has competent Engineers with vast experience in modern methods of construction (MMC) and offsite construction using light gauge steel (LGS) loading bearing pre-panelised (2D) system, non-loading bearing SFS and volumetric (modular) 3D system.

Our chartered engineer is one of a limited number of registered NHBC Stage 2 Light Gauge Steel (LGS)  Certifier in the UK.  He has worked as Engineering Manager with one of Ireland Leading LGS designer and manufacturing companies (Vision Built Ltd) for over 5 years.  He worked on several high profiled LGS framed buildings  across UK and in Ireland; most recently as lead engineer on the tallest pre-panelised load bearing LGS system of 4 to 8 storey Block of apartment at Bonham Street and Bunratty Road for SISK as main contractor for Dublin City Council (DCC).

We provide the following specialised services with MMC/Off-site construction industry: